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What is RIVO?

RIVO is a next-generation payment application and network that leverages blockchain technology to facilitate secure, efficient, and scalable money flow. It is designed for both individuals and businesses who make and accept payments using fiat currency, and it will be ready for digital tokens or currencies when the regulatory and market environment becomes more mature.

Why is it called RIVO?

The name 'RIVO' draws inspiration from rivers, with tokens representing a unit of value or digital assets in a blockchain system that mimics the natural flow, state changes, and adaptability of water streams to facilitate secure, efficient, and scalable money flows.

What makes RIVO unique?

RIVO stands out for several reasons. 

Firstly, RIVO network is constructed on the Ethereum blockchain, which is a decentralized and open-source blockchain platform. Additionally, RIVO utilizes a layer 2 scaling solution based on zero-knowledge proof technology. This combination allows for high-speed and affordable transactions while maintaining the utmost security and privacy.

Secondly, RIVO will be accessible through the imToken app, a decentralized crypto wallet that enables users to manage digital assets and make fiat payments within the same app.

Thirdly, the RIVO team has placed a strong emphasis on beautiful and functional design to ensure a delightful user experience. 

Lastly, as the markets continue to evolve, RIVO aims to offer a smoother payment experience by integrating transactions between fiat and digital currencies seamlessly.

How does RIVO benefit businesses?

RIVO is accessible through imToken, a leading decentralized crypto wallet favored by crypto-savvy, affluent early adopters who actively seek new technologies and investing in emerging opportunities. By accepting RIVO, merchants can tap into this desirable demographic and enhance their image among like-minded individuals.

Is RIVO available globally?

RIVO will be initially available in Singapore and support the Singapore dollar. However, the RIVO network serves as a blockchain-based payment infrastructure that can collaborate with local partners to extend payment services in other markets.

How can I use RIVO in Singapore?

RIVO has not been officially launched yet, but it will be available through the imToken wallet. Users residing in Singapore can download the imToken wallet now and be among the first to experience RIVO upon its launch.

Is RIVO more secure than other payment methods?

Yes, RIVO uses blockchain key cryptography to authorize transactions and encryption and authentication technology to protect user data and prevent fraud. It also offers real-time transaction monitoring and alerts to help detect and prevent unauthorized activity.


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